5 FEB 2018
We are quite distracted... 

Greg is writing a biography of
Peter Sleazy Christopherson for Rubedo Press,
producing other artists
& playing occasional solo shows.

Jim is working on solo material
as Subsea, which is available on Bandcamp.

Hik is playing with numerous bands,
notably Molecules to Minds, who have just
issued their debut album.

Greta is her usual busy self and has been
touring worldwide with her band Mzaza.

Tim has been releasing solo material,
composing soundtracks and doing music
for advertisements.

Scott has been working on a solo album and
will soon be performing in Melbourne.

Work continues on Ektoise material
but it's slow going as we're perfectionists...
It'll be ready when it's ready!

29 OCT 2017
The latest installment in IndieRockMag's
Twin Peaks series is out now.

It features an exclusive track from us: Shadow Self.

Previous volumes feature tracks from
Greg Reason and Jim Grundy.

27 MAY 2015
We have shifted
operations to Berlin.

Exciting plans are
being hatched...

28 NOV 2014

Touched Two is out today
and features an exclusive new track
from us as well as 
contributions from 
Autechre, Richard H. Kirk,
Christ, Plaid, 
Brothomstates, Orbital, 
and many others.

Money raised from the sale of
this record goes to
Macmillan Cancer Support

29 APR 2014
We've continued work
on our forthcoming album,
Corridors, as we felt
that we could improve it.
We're glad we took the
extra time. Still a bit more
work to do but we're
nearly there.

12 DEC 2012
Refractions is available
to mark the auspicious date
of 12/12/12

25 NOV 2012
To celebrate five years of
musical exploration,
we have released
The Flyers' Mind.

You can download it
from our Bandcamp

21 OCT 2012
Distortions is available
at iTunes, Amazon, and the
usual suspects.

remixes by The Haxan Cloak,
Fell (SND, Sensate Focus)
Scald Rougish (OST, Dalglish)
, Subsea,
Secret Killer of Names,
DK and
Greg Reason.

31 JUL 2012

Down River is now available.

eaturing remixes by Noah Landis (Neurosis,
Tribes of Neurot) and zK (Skam, Volvox)
and new track 'Mangroves'.

Hand painted art edition also available.

Download it here

18 DEC 2011
Florilegium 1
has been emailed to everyone
who has bought a record,
CD or download

It assembles demos, outtakes,
and otherwise
Ektoise material,
and is a gift to
show our appreciation
to everyone who
has supported us.

7 NOV 2011
The images section has been expanded.

16 OCT 2011
The latest issue of The Wire Magazine
includes a free CD:
The Wire Tapper 27, featuring
an exclusive Ektoise
track, 'Caverns'.

14 SEP 2011
The art edition of Kiyomizu
has now sold out.

We hope to ship all orders

this week, we're just
waiting on the tin cases to arrive.

The first Ektoise show
of 2011 is at The Beetle Bar,
Milton, this Friday.

27 JUL 2011
Kiyomizu is released.

11 JAN 2011

Remember Well is now available

Featuring a new track,
remixes by Danny Hyde (Coil,
Aural Rage, THBC) & Tetra.

There is a 12'' vinyl art edtion
with handmade sleeves
(some painted, some drawn in pencil)
limited to ten copies only.

14 OCT 2010
You can now buy an art edition
of our
debut album here.
There are 49 hand-painted copies only.

4 OCT 2010
The 7'' vinyl copies of The Thought Police
have finally arrived
and all pre-orders have shipped.

Featuring remixes by Bola
and The Black Dog.

Available here

27 SEP 2010

Our own Jim Grundy aka Subsea
has given us so many
remixes that we decided to
issue an EP to showcase a few cuts
that aren't on Remix/Reform.

Download Subsea Mixes from our Bandcamp.

14 SEP 2010
We have reissued our debut album,
previously released in
February 2009 as
The Single Act of Being.

It's a
vailable as a free download here

27 AUG 2010

Remix/Reform is released today.

The album features remixes
and reinterpretations
of material from our debut album.


The Black Dog
Nic McConaghy
Institute of Reason
Palindromic Resonance
Greg Reason

And you can now preorder
The Thought Police 7'' vinyl single,
featuring exclusive edits
of the Black Dog and Bola remixes.

5 JUL 2010
We have changed
our name
from Purity Device to Ektoise.

We will reissue our
out-of-print debut album
sometime soon.

Additionally, there is a remix
album based on this
material which is due on August 27th

Bola (Skam, Warp)
The Black Dog (Warp, Soma)
Tigermoth, Tetra
Nic McConaghy and
many more.